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Climbing, climbing, and more climbing!

Have I ever mentioned that my boys love to climb? They climb rock walls, playground equipment, ladders, trees, walls, the countertop … they even try to climb me! In all of their climbing, thankfully they haven’t broken any bones yet. I was excited that the boys could burn off their energy on all of the different climbing structures that the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa had to offer.

A large climber in the stairwell of the museum captured their attention immediately as we approached the second floor of the beautiful museum. Both the rock wall and the yellow box climber that were located on the second floor were also fun areas for our boys to show off their climbing skills, but the favorite was the large structure of suspended leaves. It encouraged the kids to pretend they were a tiny drop falling from a rain cloud onto leaves.

The three boys spent a good portion of our visit here. If we had been able to stay until closing time, they would have spent the entire last hour being raindrops. Our 8yr old, Joel, was a tiny bit cautious at first when he made his way to the edge of one of the leaves. He was worried the leaf would tip or sway. He discovered quickly that each leaf platform was completely stable and didn’t move and in no time at all, he’d come up with a fun game to play with the other kids there – hide-and-seek. Zachary, our 6yr old, move carefully throughout the maze of leaves, taking it all in little by little and picked up speed getting around as he became more confident. Our brave 4yr old, Ian, embraced the adventure before him immediately and tried to keep up with his big brothers without hesitation.

Joel and Zac always look out for their little brother and do what they can to help him when he’s unable to get somewhere by himself. I love watching their different personalities as they play with each other. They get along well together.



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