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Visiting the Glazer Children’s Museum, Tampa

We wanted to do something new and fun with our boys over March break, and there are so many fun places we haven’t explored yet in southwest Florida. Finding somewhere with things that interest an 8yr old, 6yr old, and 4yr old can be a little bit tricky. Children’s museum’s are always a hit with our busy boys.

We set off on an adventure to the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa on Good Friday. The boys were thrilled that we got to park on the 4th floor of a parkade when we arrived at the museum and ride a glass elevator down to ground level. The museum is in a beautiful area of the city, with tall skyrises all around, and a perfect park with large fountain on the sidewalk. All of the exhibits captured our three boy’s attention, especially because the theme for the month was Math & Music, favorites in our house! It’s so fun seeing their excitement in doing such simple things, like painting with water on a chalk board, playing ‘Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star’ on a light-up piano, playing in a homemade fort, and dancing to music. Even though there is a 2yr+ age difference between each of the boys, they share a couple interest, climbing and dancing.

With such busy, active boys, this museum was like a huge playground to them. We love the hours we get to spend, discovering new things with them, and seeing the world through their eyes as the learn while they play. Climbing through the play structures they have there was the favorite part of the museum. Check out my next post about all the fun we had doing that! This is a museum we hope to return to some day.



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