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Family Road Trip Checklist: What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

We’ve been traveling as a family full-time since 2018. While we have made international trips by plane, we spend most of our time RVing in North America. We’ve learned that road trips offer invaluable experiences that bring our family closer together. Family road trips provide a unique opportunity for family members to spend quality time […]

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Unique places to visit in Canada for Family Vacation

Is Canada a good family holiday destination? Yes, Canada has so much to offer, from the sandy beaches of Prince Edward Island (and the home of Green Gables Heritage Place made famous in Anne of Green Gables) to the immigration history of European settlers in Halifax on the East Coast, and the pristine waters of […]

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Traveling As a Family: The Good, The Bad, and the Snuggly

Whether you’re planning to travel on a budget abroad or take a road trip a few cities away, traveling as a family can be a lot of fun, but along with the process can come some challenges. While we see plenty of Instagram-worthy travel moments online, we don’t usually see the lineups, change of plans, […]

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Budget Family Travel: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Kids on a Budget

Family vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some tips for family travel on a budget!

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Family Travel Challenges: Continued (#5-#9)

Family Travel Challenge 5: The “Please, Please, Please stop talking about Pokemon” Challenge <insert your kids favorite thing to ramble about here – Minecraft, Frozen, Roblox… you get the idea> This one is more of a challenge for me than Celine. She’s easy going. I just need to have some silence in my life to […]

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Tips For Traveling With Kids On Planes

You’re taking your kids on a plane for the first time: You’ve got your kid’s clothes, toys, and snacks packed, but will it be enough? Will younger kids sleep on that long-haul flight? Will older kids have enough to do to keep them occupied while they sit in one spot for hours at a time? […]

Life Lessons Visiting Europe

A Better Conversation Starter Than “What was your favorite part of Europe?”

I love that people ask our boys this question because it shows that they are really interested in seeing the trip through our boys’ eyes, but I’ve seen how this conversation starter question usually leads to silence.

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