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Do I Need To Speak Spanish To RV In Baja, California, Mexico?

When friends and family hear that we’ve embarked on a Baja RV Adventure, they often ask about needing to speak Spanish to RV in Baja. Sometimes the question comes from curiosity about our trip, and sometimes their curiosity about the possibility of RV camping to explore Baja themselves with understandable concerns about a language barrier. […]

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What is Boondocking (or dry camping) and where are Boondockers Welcome?

You’ve probably heard of boondocking (or some reference to being down in the boondocks) and also dry camping, with some minor differences. Boondocking and dry camping are similar – You’re overnight parking, usually for free, with no hookups (water, electric, or sewer).   What is the difference between Dry Camping and Boondocking? What Does Dry […]

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