Cities Historical Sites

Washington, DC

Traveling the USA has helped us learn and appreciate the history of this amazing country so much more. We love how patriotic most Americans are. We enjoy learning more about the significant events in history that made this nation so great. And walking with our boys through the streets of historic places has been an incredible experience as we teach them.

In Canada, we’ve been able to do the same, and will continue to teach them about our great nation as well. There are so many more places we look forward to visiting. The next few months are going to be quite different as we wait things out. Stay healthy & safe everyone!


RV Life

Full-Time RV Life (with kids) is an adventure!

As a new day begins, I just keep thinking about how amazing it has been traveling across the United States and part of Canada for these past 8 months. We’ve made to many memories with our boys and experienced so many new things.

Life is an adventure!

– Celine