Summer is a great time of year to explore British Columbia. We traveled with our trailer from Ontario all of the way out to British Columbia this summer. We decided that, since we have to spend the winter in Canada, the best province to RV in is British Columbia because of its mild winters. British Columbia is an RVers “playground’ – full of mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, and islands on the Pacific Ocean.

It’s been easy for us to find waterfalls and hiking trails that aren’t too difficult for our three boys while we stay the rest of the year in the Fraser Valley. One of them we have enjoyed a couple of times is Bridal Veil Falls. It is a very short 1/2 kilometer walk to the falls. The fun part is climbing up the falls. It’s quite steep, but we all managed to make it up to base of the waterfall. The water trickles down over the rocks to where the trail starts and the view of the falls is impressive from the trail, but climbing up to the base of it helps you realize how big the waterfall is.

And if you’re adventurous, you can step onto some rocks and have an icy cold shower in the falls! We chose not to do this, but were entertained by watching some adults who did. If you are ever in the Chilliwack area, make sure you visit this waterfall.

Bridal Veil Falls         Bridal Veil Falls  

If you go south of Chilliwack to Cultus Lake, don’t miss Teapot Trail. It’s a 3.8 mile hike to a lookout area. The view isn’t necessarily spectacular, but what makes this hike unique are all of the teapots and teacups hidden by people along the path. There are over 100 placed along the path, in the woods, and even up in the trees!

The boys helped paint a white teapot that we picked up on clearance at Ikea, and we brought it with us on the hike. It was fun looking for the perfect spot to set ours. It was also motivation to get to the top of the trail because we told our boys we’d place it near the top. And that’s what we did! So, if you go on this hike, look near the top of the trail, in the trees, along the path, and let us know if you spot it!

Teapot Trail  


North of Chilliwack close to where the Fraser River meets Harrison Lake are the towns of Aggasiz and Harrison Hot Springs. This area is peaceful, away from the busy cities, and surrounded by mountains. You’ll find that it’s a beautiful area to get out on the water.

Our new friends here let us try out their paddleboard. Our boys had never been out on one before, but know how to row, so it was fairly easy for them. Joel was the only one able to balance while standing on it. I think we just might need to buy our own! Being out on a lake in the mountains is so peaceful.

Harrison Lake     


Check out Harrison Hot Springs, north of Chilliwack. The little shops and restaurants are great! You’ll also find a beautiful, sandy, beach next to Harrison Lake. There is also a small, shallow pond next to the lake that is warmer for swimming in, great for younger kids, and also is surrounded by sand.

We spent an afternoon soaking up the sun in both areas. I brought homemade sushi for lunch. Who brings sushi for a picnic?! We do! Our boys love it, and so do Adam and I. The shallow pond is a fun spot to hang out because there is a playground nearby as well.

Harrison Hot Springs also has a gorgeous resort where you can spend a night, relax in the spa, and swim in the natural hot springs pool. We hope to be back to enjoy this resort someday.


Harrison Hot Springs   

Vedder Mountain, beside Cultus Lake, is a great area for hiking, biking, and going out in an ATV. Vedder Mountain Ridge Trail is over 8 kilometers long! We decided not to do the entire hike but enjoyed the beautiful hike into the woods.

We spotted different kinds of mushrooms growing and saw moss and slugs. It was not a difficult hike and a great afternoon outing on a sunny day. Our boys love to explore everything on our hikes, especially our youngest, Ian. He will spot the tiniest mushrooms, pretty wildflowers, tiny bugs, and unique trees, stopping many times to take it all in. This slows us down a bit, but we love his and our other two boys’ interest in nature.

Vedder Mountain Ridge Trail    

These are just some of the outdoor, family outings we have taken here in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. This was also the year that we decided to stay in BC into the winter. Yes, it’s possible, but here are some tips for RVing in the winter.

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